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Doing Something That Makes Me Proud

As I approached the process of my third donation I felt a sense of happiness and pure self-fulfillment as I feel that being able to help others for a third time in such a special way is something that no one can take away from me and something about which I am extremely proud.

I feel that this personal journey is something to be extremely proud about as it enables one to broaden their mind about fertility as well as being able to help others in a very special way.  I do know that many people can be judgmental but at the end of the day it is you that has made the choice to be apart of something so special.

During the month of January 2017, I underwent a small procedure in Port Elizabeth to give someone else a blessing that their bodies were unable to produce.  I donated many follicles to a couple who desperately want to experience the pure enjoyment of parenthood.

I must say even after my third donation this procedure is not for someone who is completely comfortable with themselves and ready to face such a challenge.  It consists of many injections, doctors appointments, ultrasounds, blood tests, psychological examinations and a small procedure at the end of it all.

Through my experiences with being an egg donor I have learnt that one in five women cannot conceive naturally.  It is an extremely scary thought.  Knowing that I could be apart of something so special has definitely changed my views on fertility and infertility.  I feel extremely blessed to be a woman who can help in such a special way.

After the third time round donating it has completely humbled me to realize that all the uncomfortable processes that I had to endure, which has no effect on my own fertility, was so worth it each and every time. I am so proud of myself and even more proud of what I have done.

I understand that not everyone will understand such a process or will have something positive to say about being an egg donor and everything that goes with it, and that's okay.  The people I care about the most have my back in the decisions that I have made and thats all that one really needs.

My biggest hope is that the world will one day be filled with many more givers and less takers...a mindset that not everyone understands.

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