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Feeling Humbled by This Special Letter

Dear Jenny
Your work ethic amazes me. L has gone through several disappointments with the pregnancies and now we are at this point of an egg donor, which was a big step for the both of us.  It is hard for us, but there you are with your kind updates and making it more personalised, instead of commercialising it.  It means the world to us.  We are a bit stressed; however you and the egg donor do make the journey easier. Thank you for that.
I am pushing for the new house to be complete as we are full of faith that we shall be blessed with a little one.  L even had us build two exactly the same rooms for encase it is a twin.  hahaha.  Our donor can be rest assure that we shall try to give this little one the best upbringing we possibly can. (I have a horse ready for him/her to play polocrosse with me...)
Thank you once again Jenny for handling all of this so well, you really do make it easier. If you ever come to Zambia, know that you have a place to stay.
Have a fantastic day.
Kind regards

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