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Freezing of Embryos

It happens on occassion that embryos are frozen.  This can occur for a number of specific reasons.  If the uterine lining of the recipient is not optimal to receive the embryos, these can be frozen.

It may also happen that the recipient is required to travel and cannot avail herself at the specific time to travel, so elects to freeze the embryos for a time when she is able to travel.  In these cases, it may be that the clinic holds the sperm so the more advanced form of life - being embryo - rather than individual egg is frozen. 

Couples awaiting final court order may also freeze their embryos as embryos may only be transferred into a surrogate once the high couts have approved the surogacy contract.

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  • Jenny

    7/8/2014 4:38:24 PM | Reply

    L asks if she can elect to proceed with a fresh egg donation cycle or freeze embryos if circumstances prevent her from sycnhronising menstrual cycles.  This is indeed possible.

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