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Letter of Gratitude

To be advised that you need an egg donor can be an overwelming bit of news.  It can be an absolute shock to learn that the process of conception, that which is to be so natural and normal can be so impossible for people.  It is like a death, the death of your own eggs. 

So when after searching through many donor profiles, a recipient lands on the profile of an egg donor that really speaks to her, this is a truly exciting and grateful time.

See a beuatiful heart warming letter to a egg donor...

Dearest Donor,

Ever since I was young I have wanted children and when I met my partner we discovered very early on (the night we met in fact!) that we both wanted to have a family ...through the years we tried many different ways to achieve our dream.

IVF, Natural therapies, Chinese herbalists, Acupuncture, you name it we tried it. But Mother Nature wasn’t having a bar of it, it seemed that no matter how strong our love was and our desire to start a family together, we were not going to be able to do this with my eggs. They had begun to shut up shop in my thirties, so by the time we met there was next to no chance.

Nearing my 42rd birthday we decided that we wanted to do this and discovered through our wonderful IVF Doctor that in South Africa there was a system whereby we might be able to have an incredibly generous woman go through the IVF process just to donate her eggs to help us have the baby we so wish for.

I became a blubbering mess at this news, mostly due to the joy and possibility that could lie ahead after such a horrid road behind, but also due to another being’s extraordinary kindness and altruistic nature.

So to you, if you would do us this huge kindness of donating your precious eggs to help us create the first member of our family, we want to say a huge and heartfelt THANK YOU.

Words cannot even begin to what this gesture means to us.
What we can say is that we will love and cherish this incredible gift and we will always remember that though we’ll never be perfect parents, we’ll not go to bed angry and we will make sure he or she knows just how much they are loved and cherished by us.

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