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My First Time Ever in Cape Town


Ever since I was a little girl I have wanted to go to Cape Town, at the age of 23 years old my dream came true….finally!


January 2017 I flew to Cape Town to do an egg donation for a loving couple who wanted me to help them complete their lives with a little bundle of Joy, what a privilege and honour for me…


I was so excited for my get away to Cape Town, but even more to be helping someone in such a small way on my part, that means the world to them.  I became an egg donor in 2014 and till today I am a proud donor.  Egg donation is very close to my heart, it is indeed a big part of my life and who I am.  I am a mother of two healthy sons I never struggled to fall pregnant BUT I do have family members who still struggle till today...  I shared their pain so I know how badly some people want to have babies but just cant..  It is heart breaking!!  So everytime I get a phone call from Jenny asking if I would like to do a donation my answer is always YES with a smile because I get to walk a journey with a couple who needs my help.There is a reason for everything in life I believe so there is a reason they choose me,a reason God wants us to cross paths.


To my beloved recipients


Thank you so much for a great opportunity to be a part of this journey. Thank you for choosing me out of thousands of donors.  For me it was an honour to be able to hold your hand along the way.  It was a blessing to be a part of your lives even though it was for a short while...  I will never forget you!  I pray for you everyday that all your dreams and hopes will come true.  God bless you two loving people,never give up keep on fighting and never lose faith.


 Egg donation at Cape Fertility

In my time of being an egg donor I have donated at various clinics, all are really great with excellent doctors but my personal favourite was Cape Fertility.  My doctor was so nice I could talk to her like she was my best friend she was nothing like the usual doctors you would meet.  I recall making a joke asking her to adopt me LOL…


This is the remarkable woman I was refering to.  It was a pleasure working with her!

Dr Matebese

She is really as nice as she looks!  Dr Matebese you ROCK!!


Here is some picture I took while I was in Cape Town


This was the aeroplane on which I flew to Cape Town.


The first pictures I took in Cape Town

When I visited Fish hoek for the day

While taking these two pictures I almost ended up in the water LOL….


Amazing sea views in Eden on the Bay

Passing through Bloubergstrand

Awesome view of table mountain on this summer day.


Beautiful sea views of Sea Point

Trip around the mountain pass

Fantastic African themed buffet breakfast hang out on the beach in Eden on the Bay