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My Testimony

I was born into a Muslim family out of wedlock and was raised in a Muslim household by my single mother, my upbringing was strictly in the Muslim tradition and faith.  Customary I followed in the footsteps of my family dedicating myself to Allah and his ways, abiding by the rules and praying faithfully to him.  I attended normal public schools until Grade 11 when I was sent to a Muslim school where I was to learn all of the Muslim ways and traditions with more intensity.


My final year in high school in school I met a young man of Christian faith and fell in love, unfortunately I got pregnant much to the disappointment of my Muslim family, my grandparents whom I was living with at that time became very verbally abusive because of that calling me very bad names, unfortunately I had to drop out of school at that time, and at the young age of 18 I was married to this young man, we had a baby boy who was an absolute blessing to me,  I enrolled in night school to finish my matric, but my husband started running with the wrong crowd using drugs, and becoming very abusive and possessive accusing me of all sorts of things and I had to drop out of school again.  


Life became harder and I started to doubt my faith as I was praying to Allah but nothing in my life was getting better, it actually became worse by the day.  I started praying to God, a God I had known nothing about, only heard of but things started to change for me slowly but surely, and I then realized that Allah was a dead god as nothing ever happen for the better and the good while I was praying to him, I finally gathered enough courage to leave my abusive husband, but even though things were starting to look up for me, I still had to rely on him for financial support to feed our child. 


Times were tough I kept on praying as I needed job to be able to support myself and my baby, and to become independent from my ex-husband to break the hold that he had on my life.  I then met a man who introduced me to a lady who took my CV and offered me a position in a large company, where I started off as an assistant to the admin team.  Due to the fact that I was still a new born again Christian I got lost a few times along the way, but God was always there and I always seem to find my way back to him, and since the last time He brought me back to him, I remain faithfully on His path and my whole life has been blessed.  By the Grace of God my life is continuously improving, I have been blessed with a husband who I love very much, three children that fill my life with joy, and I am still employed by the same company where I have proven myself and excelled from a person who had no corporate work experience to a confident and very capable employee, who received more and more responsibilities as I grew and gained experience. 


I am so very thankful for all that God has done for me and my family, I know now that I truly serve a living God, and I can only praise Him every day and I know now that God Is Good All The Time, And All The Time God Is Good.



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