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Receiving the Gift of Giving

Hi Jenny,

You let me know two days before my birthday that I have been chosen by my recipients, what an amazing birthday gift to receive.

The first doctors appointment I had I went alone and it was quite a daunting experience but every body was friendly and made me feel comfortable. 

Then I started the injections and my mom and dad came with me.  My mom learnt how to inject me now she can inject her goats.  The injections where a breeze, it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be, every time I went for a scan everyone was so friendly and welcoming so I didn't feel so alone any more.  On my retrieval day everybody was smiling and telling me to relax and I truly felt like a princess.  The retrieval was a breeze and the nurses were very friendly even as I was checking out.

I am grateful for being able to do this and for this process to have brought my family to become closer together.  I wish my recipient all the luck in the world.  I will be praying hard for her to get the opportunity to start a family.  Thank you so much for the amazing experience thanks to the staff and every one involved for guiding me through this.

The picture of the dog, she is a new addition to our family, and I hope your family will also be expanding. 

The the sunrise pictures are the amazing pictures to what I had the privilege of seeing every morning.

Once again thank you for the amazing experience.

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