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Talking About Surrogacy on YFM

Prince from YFM called me to contribute to educating the nation on surrogacy and egg donation matters - helping their audience of young adults understand conception involving third parties.

Our host, beautiful Nia Brown, asked about the process for surrogacy and egg donation.  It was explained that surrogacy is a relationship supported by a contract approved by the high courts, whilst egg donation does not involve a contract as this process is entirely confidential.  Depending on individual's unqiue circumstances, they will be guided on the route of egg donation or surrogacy.

Anthony Wilton gave some insights involving the legal matters, including guidance around detailed points that are included in the surrogate motherhood agreement.  He reiterated that surrogate mothers cannot be paid and all criteria of the Children's Act required adherence.

Thank you to YFM for this opportunity.

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