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To my precious angel


From the day I began this process I must have written and typed over a hundred letters to try and express my gratitude.  Whenever I heard someone say “words fail me” I couldn’t understand how difficult it to say is “thank you”.  Today I can honestly say words fail me, my thank you don’t seem to be sufficient.  There isn’t a word in the English dictionary that can describe what I feel.  I pray that God blesses you and your family.

My heart is full of gratitude whenever I think of you.  Your generosity and selflessness will change the life of my husband and I, my mum, my in laws, my brother and sister, my brother in law and my nephews.  My entire family and all my friends have been praying for our precious sugar to come along.  You are an answer to my prayers and your donation will make my dream come true.  I always pray for you that God grants you the strength to go through this process with me. He covers you and blesses you with good health.

I know a little about you from your profile but Jenny told me you are an amazing woman, beautiful, kind and respectful.  I think you are amazing for what you are going to do for me.  I cried the first day I met Jenny when she was telling me about you.  My husband was so confused because I became so emotional.  I got into the car, he asked if I was ok and told me he loves me.  I told him I feel so overwhelmed.  There is a stranger out there whose heart is so huge that it has a place for another stranger like me. I feel so broken and this person doesn’t even know how I feel and this gesture will make me feel whole again. All I can say is Thank you for everything.


Your grateful receipient

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