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Truth Behind Being An Egg Donor

Hi Jenny

Thank you so much for all your assistance throught his whole process so far and the reminders of what is happening. You have been such a rock

Have a wonderful evening

I hope its not too long...

By becoming the answer to someone’s prayer... we sometimes find the answer to our own – Dieter F Uchtdorf

So why donate, I say why not?  I’ve had the privilege of being adopted by amazing people who have raised me with so much love and given me everything they possible could in life and knowing the struggle they had to go through to be able to have a child, and how much receiving me meant to them, I would like to help a couple to also experience that.  Falling pregnant and giving up a baby is a little too excessive for me and I will be traumatised after forming a bond with a baby for  9 months and then saying goodbye as I would also love to be a mom one day and the thought of that not happening scares me so much.   I’ve also found my biological mother  recently and based on her experience I know I wont be able to do that, so egg donation is my way of saying thank you and also giving back.  I was going to loose the egg anyway in my next cycle, there is no bond formed, there is no life, yet... but that journey belongs to the recipients.  And I wish them all the best.

Now for the true journey behind egg donation, the unspoken part, the taking pills and going to doctors appointments and starting with the injections, this is the true journey and I can say one thing, never being on the pill before and now all of a sudden having to go on, I felt sorry for my partner and some of my closest friends some of the days.  I turned into a little monster, and I couldn’t help it. It was like PMS on steroids.  I very seldom get PMS or mood swings etc, I would occasionally get the emotional bit but then I am 100% myself again after a good cry, not with this however.  I was so moody and irritable and extra emotional and sensitive, at least until my body got used to it, then I started feeling like myself again and acting normal, being able to draw again and find inspiration like I always did but even better than before. 

Now I am sitting here tonight, been off the pill for a few days now and I just started my hormone injections for the first time.  I am pretty good with needles and getting injections and I used to be a blood donor so I thought it would be fine, but I will admit after the Gonal F pen was ready and I was about to inject myself I paused and almost couldn’t do it for a second, and then I just reminded myself why I am doing this and slowly started pushing the needle into my flesh, and I hardly felt it.  It was really nothing and I even felt a little bit ashamed that I hesitated for a second.  I guess it was just the unknown and not knowing what to expect or how it would feel.  Now I know that this journey and being a donor is such an honour for me as I am learning so much about myself that I would never have discovered if not for this. I am so grateful that you have chosen me to be your donor and giving me the opportunity to go on this journey with you.  I am looking forward to the next little bit of adventure we have left until the retrieval day and where your true adventure start.

I don’t know my recipients' story or why they are going through this process but I just have one message to them... The pain that you have been feeling, cant compare to the joy you are about to have. 

All my love your donor


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