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Benefits of SA Egg Donation

Embarking on an egg donor program is both very exciting and very emotional.  So the process of exploration for the right country, the right legalities and of course selecting the perfect egg donor profile are crucial steps for an egg donation program.  Egg donation in South Africa has proven to be very beneficial from many perspectives.

Established egg donor processes – South African egg donation is established and experienced.  Accordingly, a tried and trusted process exists in the best interests of all parties.  Egg donor agencies that facilitate this delicate process have substantial experience in hundreds of egg donor programs, so strong reputations to offer this special service.  The role of an egg donor agency is to guide, facilitate, answer questions, provide information, refer to reputable egg donor clinics, assist with the right egg donor profile selection and of course facilitate an egg donor of the recipient's preference participating on the actual egg donor program.

Legal egg donation programs - egg donation in South Africa is anonymous.  This means that the identity of egg donors may not be disclosed and not compromised.  Accordingly, adult pictures of egg donors may not be shown to prospectful recipients, so that they cannot identity their egg donors.  However, in an attempt to consider important aspects and features of their egg donor, childhood pictures may be shown.  This also means that recipients of donor eggs can consider face shape, features, specific looks, etc. whilst removing the feeling of being able to identify the selected egg donor.  To protect the general public from access to the egg donor profiles, but to ease the process of viewing egg donors, a simple but quick process is available to access the egg donation database.  This is a process of requesting access to the egg donor database and receiving such access immediately. It is as easy as that!

To further aid the anonymity aspect of egg donation, there is no egg donation registry. That means that at the end of the egg donation program, the egg donor's responsibility ends and it also means that egg donation recipients are empowered to disclose or keep the details of their child(ren)'s conception totally private.  Either way, the process is empowering.  Whilst it may not suit those that want to enable children conceived of donor eggs to be able to contact the genetic contributor or egg donor, the overwhelming feeling is to keep the egg donation private.  It is not an adoption; it is a receipt of a tiny piece of genetic material, so no contract is required and the egg donor cannot claim any further rights and has no contact details of the recipient. This facilitation of details and keeping of egg donor program records all rests with the egg donation agency.  In some countries, the introduction of an egg donor registry has resulted in egg donors withdrawing their applications as an egg donation registry introduces a public element of this private and personal decision of giving such a personal aspect.

The absence of any further legalities in respect of egg donation truly contributes to an attractive egg donation country.  No lawyer is required, no adoption is required, no disclosure is required and no further third party is required.  Only the egg donation agent who fulfils the vital role of facilitating all egg donation processes, including providing support to the egg donor and egg donation recipient and the treating egg donation clinic are aware of the egg donor details.

Egg Donation Database - egg donation recipients can see full profiled information pertaining to their egg donor. This includes physical traits, professional background, social preference, philosophical information, medical as well as family information.  Generally an egg donor agent will go the extra mile to also afford and obtain any and all additional information required. This extensive supporting information plus any and all available childhood pictures enables recipients to make as an informed decision as possible in terms of selecting the absolute perfect egg donor.  Because South Africa is a multi-racial country, the availability of egg donors embraces multi races of Caucasian, mixed races, African and Asian.  This means that egg donor recipients can select an egg donor of their preference from an extensive egg donor database.

Availability of Egg Donors – a combination of the established egg donor processes, egg donor anonymity and angelic spirited egg donors have all resulted in an extensive availability of egg donors in South Africa. The confidential aspect has also welcomed egg donors to come forward.  Generally egg donors are young healthy woman who have heard of the plight of infertile people and want to make a difference.  For them, it is a simple decision of, "I have eggs that are not being used, so why waste them?  If I can be part of giving life, what an honour and what a privilege!"  Egg donors who have a history of a successful egg donation, in other words, proven good donor eggs, can proceed to donate again upon the professional guidance of fertility specialists at egg donor clinics.

This means that there is no waiting period for egg donors who have already been screened and can proceed to partake in an egg donor program immediately.  Typically egg donor recipients can be directed to an egg donor database of hundreds of potential egg donors.

Affordable Egg Donation – because legislation in South Africa dictates that human tissue cannot be sold, egg donors are not paid for their donor eggs. They are given a marginal amount as a donation deemed appropriate by official bodies. The reasonably priced egg donor clinics and egg donor services fee all contribute to South African egg donation being highly economical and make South Africa a sought after destination for egg donation programs.  So essentially costs for an egg donor program in South Africa include the egg donor's donation, egg donation clinic costs for the IVF and the egg donor agent's services. Typically the screening for the egg donor is included in the IVF costs, but if not is additional.  Any reputable egg donation agency would be able to advise a reasonably close estimate of a total egg donor program per reputable fertility clinic.  Arrive for a sea, safari or mountain vacation and leave pregnant! This is what a holiday in South Africa can offer – a pregnancy, a miracle pregnancy at that!

Easy egg donation – an egg donor program is all undertaken and guided by a reputable egg donor agency, which will have solid relationships with recommended and experienced egg donor clinics. The process of selecting an egg donor and the process thereafter is all facilitated by the egg donor agent, who liaises with the egg donor, the clinic and the screening psychologist to ensure that the process is optimised in the interests of all.  Typically any and all questions (other than those of a medical nature) can be directed to the egg donor agent, who will be able to provide a copy of the egg donor's profile, direct the recipient to all information pertaining to egg donation in South Africa as well as general egg donation recipient frequently asked questions section.  A separate and unique access to not only an egg donation database, but also a database of egg donors' pictures based on specific physical traits is an additional benefit that is available.

Personalised egg donation – many recipients of donor eggs struggle with the egg donor database, as they are unsure what to consider in an egg donor.  The selection of an egg donor is a personal decision and the unique aspects that egg donation recipients consider varies per person.  Generally people look for a person of similar physical traits.  Whilst others want confirmed post schooling studies, a specific religious criteria, proven fertility or a unique personal interest or affiliation, this decision is highly personalised.  An experienced egg donor agent will be in a position to guide and respond on questions and make appropriate recommendations on some egg donor options.  Recipients of donor eggs will be emotional and would like any support and guidance.  The general availability of a person at the end of an email or able to answer a phone call goes a long way to personalising the process and providing a form of support and comfort.

Professional egg donor services – the experience in hundreds of egg donor programs, access to an extensive database comprised of hundreds of egg donor profiles, ease of access to determine specific aspects in egg donors all contribute to a worldclass service of egg donation.

Egg donor support – egg donation recipients undergo a process of physically, emotionally and spiritually preparing themselves for pregnancy. The additional stress of looking after an egg donor is outside of the recipient's responsibility.  The benefit of this is that the recipient can focus purely on her own readiness and leave the emotional tending of her egg donor to her selected egg donor agent.  This means that the recipient of donor eggs can rely on professional support for egg donor to a professional person and body.  Many persons elect to send a letter to their egg donor and this is encouraged if individuals are moved to do so, but each person should really follow their own heart as to how they would like to extend messages to their egg donor.

Established egg donation – a reputable established reputable and recommended egg donation website offering information, support, testimonials and daily updates all contribute to South Africa's superior egg donation services.  Professional and experienced processes include the ability to facilitate and manage egg donor programs for recipients from outside of South Africa. Options include guided days for recipients to be in South Africa, recommended accommodation options and assisted travel arrangements.  Because in South Africa, so many of the egg donor programs are offered to recipients outside of the borders, an international experienced process has been developed and evolved. Recipients will also have the assurance of their egg donor having undergone appropriate medical and psychological screening confirming their egg donor's availability and suitability to proceed.  Find all on baby2mom Egg Donation in SA.

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