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A bit more on CFC

Cape Fertility Clinic is warmly referred to as CFC.

I had the pleasure of greeting all (or most) last week at the clinic and viewing the facilities offered by South Africa's largest IVF clinic. 

They have implemented an egg donation process that is structured and well organised, to the extent of being able to plan exact dates months in advance with precision to accommodate the needs of both egg donor and recipient.

The fertility sisters showed me the new premises and lovely space available to counsel and have sufficient privacy for personal meetings with the people who walked through the doors of CFC.  We all shared how the exact timing and importance of persons involved in egg donation cycles requires our attention around the clock.  The loving ladies - Elaine, Karin, Cyndi and Heidi are all devoted to caring for egg donors and making sure all proceeds smoothly, even to the scarifice of sleep!  Unfortunately Jenny and Danielle were not available on that day.

Dr Tamtam Matebese's passion for her patients and the wellbeing of egg donors was evident and the pictures of miracle babies in her office showed her care to her calling.

Dr Sulaiman Heylen treated me to a tour of the CFC facilities, showcasing the advanced facilities and dedicated people at work, all efforts available to optimise treatment and increase pregnancy results.

Egg donors have a dedicated area available to them after the retrieval process.

To protect the safety of the embryos, I was not permitted into the laboratory area where the embryos are developing.

The clinic has a dedicated HIV laboratory, meaning treatment is also possible for persons who have HIV.

Dr Heylen has always mainatined a very open approach to recipients and been available at any time to assist with any challenges and/ or queries on egg donation cycles, with the success of the process and safety of all as main priority.  It is no wonder I receive so many messages from our lovely egg donors saying, "I love Dr Heylen'.

Dr Paul Le Roux was called into an emergency so unfortunately no personalised pictures of this amazing specialist. He is known for his highly regarded reputation in fertility and egg donation and maintains high standards always.  Having direct access to Dr Le Roux is an added advantage.

I was greeted warmly by the administrative staff and embryologists.

When I left the clinic, I felt again honoured and humbled to be associated with this beautiful offering and privileged to be able to work with this great clinic!

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