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My Excitement to Donate

15 July 2016, 18h46

I just had a call from baby2mom and I was advised that a recipient was interested in my profile.  I was exited, however it was not a YES so I told myself to calm down and not get my hopes up too high.  I mean we live in a world full of people and that should mean millions of donors...


9 August 2016, 20:58

What's cooking good-looking?

No words would be able to describe how proud I am!  You picked me, not sure why, nor would I ever know, but you did and that is what makes me Nr 1 in the world!  When I first did the application, it was just a dream of helping someone, now it became reality.


10 August 2016

I could barely work today, caught myself opening a notepad every now and then starting to write you a letter.  Planning ahead and telling myself how much effort I should put in this next few weeks to eat healthy, exercise and make sure to take very good care of myself for BOTH of you.


I am so scared, but in a good way.  Not to worry, I'm a fighter, fear and challenge is what drives me most!  From now on I will be counting the days, I can't wait to receive a call from Jenny telling me that you gave birth to a little miracle, YOUR MIRACLE!


30 August 2016

Arrived an hour in advance, just to make sure that there will be no traffic, no hold-ups and nothing that will slow us down. 


The wait seems long, but my watch indicates a different picture.  All kinds of emotions running through my mind.  Will I be good enough, would WE be good enough for you?


Screening and all done.  Nervous?  Who?  Me?  Can't believe we've came this far already.


31 August 2016

Krina contacted me and advised that all went well with the tests and that we await for your arrival in October.  For some reason time is passing to slow this last month... Haha...


20 September 2016

We started with the Femodene.  A bit of headache and nausea, but hey anything to make this little miracle possible... I wish I can update you everyday, but with 4 children kids and work, life gets a bit hectic on my side.


23 Setpember 2016

Almost 2h30 a.m. and I can't sleep, counting down the days... Not used to taking medication so I make sure to keep the Femodene at to my bedside and set a reminder!


Just popped into my childrens' rooms, always do and without them knowing I place a silent kiss on their cheeks.  It made me think of you.  Holding thumbs and hoping with all my heart that one day I will receive the news that all went well and you were awarded a medal for being a mother!

I want to tell you about my children, just in case you were wondering... (Well, actually I want to brag a bit, if I am allowed... Just so that you know what is coming your way...)

14yr old (Mommy's boy - first born syndrome)
Academic achiever, leader, atletics, provincial rugby 2015.  He is active and takes part in most activities at school.  Cricket and hockey! This week they won the Revue Championships South Africa for 2016.  He loves acting and is currently attending acting/drama classes.  He likes to play chess and golf, believe it or not but he also sings in a choir.

He unfortunately received a gene from me: High values, never quit and hate it to fail... (but I believe that is what drives us....)

Seeing him grow up so fast makes me sad because I know that not far from now I will have to let him go...

13yr old (Daddy's girl)
She is left handed, very creative, loves singing and dance - modern and hip hop.  She is more of an introvert, calm and just a go with the flow type of person.  She plays netball and also athletics, but only because mommy encourages her to take part and support her school.  She is turning 13 in December and she is already a bit taller than me (1.75). Down to earth lady.  Very fussy about wearing the right clothes, not too tight and not too short!  Neat and soft as a flower.  She is the best friend one will ever have.  But do not be fooled as even with her calm personality she will stand up for herself when needs to...

10yr old (Middle child syndrome)
This one is gonna melt hearts as far as he goes in life.  He is my sun and moon!  He loves hugging and telling me every five minutes "love you mommy". Turning 10 in December I think his hormones are catching up with him because boy oh boy does he have a temper lately!

Big built and wear 15-16 clothes already.  Academically above average, 90%+ in all his subjects.  It has been  four consecutive years that he was awarded 100% for school attendance!
He is a rugby player and when he takes on a scrum it takes a couple of boys to drag him down!  He sings in the choir and also plays cricket.

He is your "care taker" type of personality, won't think twice to give his lunch or tuck shop money to someone else in need.  He loves animals and at one stage we had ten dogs!  He would sneak them into the house and if we would go to bed find all ten dogs with him in bed!!!

He loves doing silly things.  One day at school they were ready at the start line and before the teacher could blow the whistle he made a sound pretending to be the whistle causing all athletes to run!  Haha teachers did not think it was funny but we always tell our children to be naughty in a good way and always have respect for others (hehehe).

8yr old (Last born - baby)
Turning 8 this week and already a super champ!  He played rugby since the age of 4!  2015 he played provincial rugby.  He is left handed and very intelligent.  Even though his marks are above 70 and 80%, I know it will not last long as he is not a academic child.  His life is about sport.  He loves nature and he always wants to be outside.  He keeps himself busy for hours with a ball, ANY kind of ball!  When he sleeps he makes moves like as if he is having a very tough game in his dreams.  My husband and I do not have family/parents, but to hear all the other parents shout out his name in a match makes me so proud...  He is a real role model at his age.  He even stands up against older children trying to bully younger ones.  He is very popular at school and loved by everyone!
Fashion.... oh boy! If I go to do shopping he is the one tagging along, give him a choice of a toy or clothes? He always walks out with a denim and techies.

Oh before I forget, they all can play guitar and piano!  The youngest two participates in classes but the elder ones are self-taught.

Well thank you for allowing me to brag a bit, have to try and catch up with two hours sleep before day break.  I hope you enjoyed my story and one day I will read a post from "anonymous" bragging about her perfect miracle!


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