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A Cheerful Giver

I was reminded this weekend that God loves a cheerful giver and the beaty of this is that the giver has a moment of excitement as (s)he knows just how special such a gift is to the reciver.  Reading our egg donor's account of giving, the words of cheerful giver came to mind...

On this special day I am privileged to be undergoing my aspiration of follicles.  I'm filled with so much joy, and excitement, like it's my first time ever giving a gift to someone who I know is going to cherish and appreciate it.  The journey that has led to this day was exciting, every medication and scan was filled with excitement and joy.

I had to the best team taking care of me during my aspiration day for they too knew how important this gift was, for it takes a selfless person to do what we do an bring joy an peace of mind to families in need.

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