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A Good Start

The year is well underway, which means back to work, school and studies.  The privilige of long hours - of being to reflect on plans for the new year are over and it is time to ensure we are on track.

Starting the year eating well is always a wonderful start.  Let 2016 be the year you are healthy, your optimal weight and just generally feel good.

Go organic as far as possible - this means that your food is prepared and extracted from the earth in its closest format to the natural state and likely to maximise the nutritional value.
Increase your greens - especially micro greens.  These are raw greens consumed soon after being taken from the earth.  They are one of the few foods that are able to offer you the full nutritional value of the soil.
Make conscious decisions about your food and be gentle with your food and yourself.

This healthy delicious meal is comprised of a combination of gently warmed organic beans - kidney, chickpeas and butter beans flavoured by cherry tomatoes, spring onions, coriander and ginger.  This protein is further supported by your raw microgreens and healthy dose of vitamin E and good fats contained in avo.

This type of meal cleans your body, increases antoxidants and fills you with energy.

Healthy people make healthy eggs, so live well and do well. 


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