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Goodbye 2015

One thing I am sure is that everyone will confirm that this year has flown by.  It felt like just a moment ago when we greeted 2014, which brings us to the reality that we have to make the most of our time. 

Some inspiration I received days back I thought to share.

1. Be posiitive in 2016.  Find the good and see the beauty.  Be grateful.  Reflect daily on your blessings.  Share your meal times with reflections on the best part of your day and the things for which you are most grateful.  Commission a family journal of blessings and of aspects for which you are grateful.

2. Remember our Creator all the time - in how we behave, what we eat and how we live.  For some inspirations around conscious eating, refer to the blog on good eating.

3. Surround yourself with good company and good inspirations.  Read wonderful books that will lift you, be inspired by blogs of amazing miracles.  Cut that which brings despair and those who do not inspire.  Take up activities that bring you closer to the earth.  Incidentally gardening is a wonderful anti-depressant as your being gets closer the soil, containing bacteria which release seretonin, the happy hormone.  And being the egg donation blog, if egg donation is something you always wanted to do - dont delay.  Action your best moves.  Serve your time well and let every second be well spent.

4. Have faith!  We cannot direct that over which we have no control, so to that we uplift our faith to care for us over the unknown and that feared.  Live your best life and make 2016 a wonderful year.

Happy New Year from baby2mom

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