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Pretoria Fertility Clinic is situated in the Pretoria East Hospital in Garsfontein.  Dr Trouw is the fertility specialist and supported by Lizette, who mans the egg donation cycles, synchronisations and screening of egg donors.

The team takes full accountability and responsiblity for the process as there are few people involved so each person has a key role.  Patients have personal sessions and all efforts to optimise conceptions are always undertaken.  The care of recipients and egg donors is core to this special offering.

Substantial efforts are also made to screen egg donors on week-ends as a dedicated effort to understanding the sacrifice these ladies make.

The staff are made up of complete professionals who have a very natural way of making you feel comfortable throughout the process.

Also see more on Dr Trouw on etv. from October 2011

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    2/2/2020 8:08:07 PM | Reply

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