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Internal Vaginal Scans During Egg Donation

The internal scans are the best way to more closely look at these relevant and important part of the body during the egg donation process.  Ladies will be requested to remove underwear and pants and will be provided with a gown. 

Whilst internal vaginal scans may be slightly uncomfortable, this is not a painful experience.

During the egg donation process, it is important to have internal scans.  For egg donors, this is to carefully assess the ovaries and follicle count, indicative of the number of eggs that are being developed.

It may be necessary to have an internal scan when you are menstruating.  Again, dont be too perturbed as this is planned for a specific medical reason.  Fertility specialists are expereinced in this and anticipate that on day 2 or day 3, there will be some blood.

As a recipient, the internal scans are primarily targeted to the uterus to confirm that the body is getting ready for pregnancy.

See more online about egg donation process.

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