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An Egg Donor's Side

There is always more than one factor influencing a situation, and on average alot.


One of the reasons I signed up as an egg donor was because I wanted to give in one more way.  I am on the blood donor list, the organ donor list and the bone marrow donor list.  The science side of it also interests me alot.


There are quite a few organisations with which to join up.  And since it’s a while back I can’t remember why I chose baby2mom.  But Jenny is a very patient, very caring, interested and friendly person.  I had one or two moments almost going to confusion, but everyone involved in the process answered me quickly, and sometimes again and again on the same question. (Thank you)

The initial application online is actually quite tedious, I mean its pages and pages of all aspects of your live.  And then you have to go and dig up photos of yourself as a kid. 

Once that’s done wait and see.  I got my first call at on the way to the airport visiting a friend for a big birthday.  The general course of action was laid out and it all began. 

The initial doctor’s appointment, tests and psychological evaluation was all good.  The medication part and syncing up with the receiver is a bit tricky though, but we got it sorted.  (Again, Jenny was a great problem solver by creating a chat group between her, me and the medical staff.) 

In keeping with making the donor as attended to as possible Jenny kept in contact throughout, then asked my physical location where I could be reached.  At first I was dumb struck for a reason why, but it was a surprise and I got this to brighten my day.

I guess the most difficult part is the self administered hormone injections.  I must say even though I’m used to handling needles, even I stuck the needle in my finger once by mistake.  There is only one injection left before the final stretch. 

This has been a journey.   Self discovery, opinion changing, revisiting why you feel a certain way about something.  Helping out someone. 

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