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Anonymity and Confidentiality

Our egg donors are completely confidential and anonymous to their recipients.   This means that no identifying details about the egg donor are disclosed to the recipient - no name and no adult pictures.

Egg donors are strongly encouraged to provide childhood pictures up to age 10 so that recipients can see the facial features, such as shape and resemblance issues.  The skin complexion can also be indetified with childhood pictures.

As a high professional and ethical agency, this trust is always respected and honoured.

Even if recipient and egg donor sat next to each other, they would not know that they are in this process for each other.

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  • Jenny

    7/10/2014 10:17:53 AM | Reply

    This morning a recipient said she is going to another egg donor agent as she would be able to see adult pictures to better help her decision.  I am sad for all parties in this regard as this is not only unethical but also illegal.

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