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baby2mom Launches Egg Donation App

Making it easier and faster to connect donors and recipients

Johannesburg, South Africa, December 2014: baby2mom, an established egg donation agency, has announced the launch of an industry-defining first, the baby2mom Egg Donation App.  Available from Google Play and the iTunes App Store, the mobile application brings together compatible donors and recipients with more ease than ever, for free.

“Everyone connects through their cell phone nowadays” notes Jenny Currie, founder of baby2mom. “We have always strived to make sure that every recipient who uses the baby2mom egg donor database has enough information to form a connection with their prospective donor.  I wanted to make it easy for recipients to spend ‘time’ with their respective donors, and for donors to easily complete and craft their online profiles.” However, the strictest guidelines of privacy are ensured as recipients rely on the digital profiles accumulated.

The baby2mom Egg Donation App allows, among other things, for donors to register and complete their online profiles, registered recipients to browse and bookmark potential donors and a scheduling calendar to help with the egg donation process itself.  baby2mom wants to make the experience as easy and comfortable as possible for recipients and donors


baby2mom has been a significant part of the egg donation community since being created by Jenny in 2007.  As an egg donation agency, baby2mom facilitates the pairing of donors and recipients who have connected through their massive database of potential egg donors. They have successfully completed over 1,100 donor cycles.

Jenny emphasises that their responsibility “extends beyond simply matching a donor with a recipient.  We are here to stand with both donors and recipients through every step of the egg donation process.  Most potential parents and donors that come to us have experienced a hard road to this point.  Our drive is to ensure that they receive the very best in options, care and support from the moment they contact us.  With the deeply personal and precious goal of this procedure at stake, how could we not?”

The baby2mom Egg Donation App is available here on Google Play and here on the iTunes App Store.

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