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Being A Stepping Stone

I have a friend, who so dearly wishes to be married and have children.  His brothers are married and have children and he shares their photos and stories as if they were his own.  It is very endearing.

It was his birthday last week.  As one gets older, one becomes increasingly contemplative on birthdays and he reached a point of considering a surrogate, so that he can be a dad too, even if he can't find the right lady yet.  I have seen over the past couple of years how great his desire is to be a dad and he would be a great one indeed.

I would have offered to be a surrogate for him, but I haven't had a child of my own, so legally I can't.  However, his emotional plight reminded me that there is something I can do for someone else, if not for him.  Someone else who was born to be a loving-super-parent one day.

So my decision to donate egg cells was sparked by the realisation that I could help someone else with the same yearning as my friend.  If I can be that stepping stone for someone, it will be a great joy to me.

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