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Believe in Miracles

Dear Family,

Thank you so much for the thoughtful gift, but mostly for your letter.  It brought tears to my eyes.

It is really special to have an understanding of the family who will be embarking on this exciting (and sometimes scary) journey.

I started donating with baby2mom some time ago as I wasn't quite ready for children myself, but knew that I'm healthy and able to help someone else who is having a challenging time.

I can't imagine what you have been through the last few years, but sincerely do hope this is light at the end of the tunnel for you.

I have two beautiful healthy boys of my own now, who bring so much light, love and laughter to our whole family. They truly are a gift of life.

I know that you will treasure every moment with your little miracle, because they really do pass so quickly.

My husband has been so incredibly supportive through both our pregnancies and it makes all the difference!

Best of luck with your journey ahead and remember to play tag team!

Lots of love

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