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I Believe

From the beginning I have been aware of how trapped we are in our own experiences with only the crudest methods of sharing that experience with other human beings.  I have longed to know how my experience compares with those of others and how my existence would be able to add value to someone’s life.

I used to wander around at night looking at the lights inside other people’s houses and wonder what it were like to be them.  In daily life we have few chances to get to even the shallowest of understanding of what other people experience in life.  It is only through egg donation that I have been able to get a sense of what life for someone else might be like.  I have always assumed that there are others in this world with similar desires.  People who needs to know that they are not alone in their desires, in their dreams, in their responses to life.  

As an adopted child, I went on a self-discovery journey for answers and explanations and I came to the following conclusion:

There is no bigger gift, than giving someone life.  No matter the circumstances.

When I think back; to the experience of my parents, trying to conceive for so many years, praying for a child, and eventually having to adopt. I can’t help to look at them and realize that having kids changed their life in a way that is indescribable.

It’s a gift from God to raise a child and that is why I decided to offer the gift of life, to a couple who would do ANYTHING to welcome a small blessing into their lives.

I believe everything happens for a reason, even when it hurts.  I believe we will get what we give in return; I believe in destiny, I believe in love, I believe good things come to those who wait.  I believe in fate, I believe love will find a way, I believe in the power of FAITH, I believe hope keeps us sane.  I believe good will always conquer evil.  I believe the spirit that is within each of us is our essence and the driving force in all that we do.  I believe children are our future and we should treat them as the kings and queens of this world.

I believe in FAMILY and having them to tell you you’re beautiful, and always getting second chances even if you have completely screwed up.  I believe in good relationships; that when surrounded with supportive family and friends, success is inevitable.

I believe in staying up late and sleeping in. I believe in the right to happiness. I believe everyone needs a hero in life. I believe in dancing in the rain and living in the moment. I believe in being prepared and being on time. I believe in ice cream after break-ups; I believe in laughing until it hurts to breathe. I believe in forgiveness, though hard as it may be to master. I believe that everyone needs to trust in something to get them through the days, months and years.

I believe that it is truly a beautiful life...

But most of all, I believe in God and that there are Angels looking out for me wherever I go and whatever I do…  
And I know that by donating my eggs tomorrow, I’m part of the “give and take” life offers us, and I am sure that Prayers has been answered on both sides.

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