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Blood Types and Egg Donation

People inherit their blood group from their parents - their genetic mother and father.  Blood types or groups are A, B, AB, O + or -.

Many pregnancy woman carry babies who have different blood groups to their own.  It does however matter if a mother is rhesus negative and her baby is positive.  This would be applicable even when no donor ganetes are involved.  This matter is managed by the treating specialist during the mom's pregnancy. 

Receiving and Donating Blood:

Sourced from Wikepedia on blood types. 

O- blood types are fondly termed universal donors, which means that they can donate to all blood types, but can only receive blood from other O- blood groups.  Interestingly, AB+ blood groups are universal receivers, which means they can receive blood from all other types.

Recipients sometimes enquire about the blood types of donors.  It is not necesary to match blood types of donors to themselves as very often egg donors do not know their blood types.  The egg donation can still be kept confidentual if the blood types are not matches.  The rationale for thus is that in many circumstances persons who are a natural conception of their parents do not even know their parents' blood types.  This is not usually a common discussion in families.

Estimating Child's Blood Types:

Sourced from the endmemo site.

Blood types are known for information, they neither compromose nor impact the ability to conceive or improve chances of a conception. 

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