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Can you donate eggs if you are bipolar

Egg donation requires a careful screening for egg donors.  Recipients of donor eggs are getting new and unknown genetic material so a thorough assessment is imperative.  Whilst bipolar is an attribute inidividuals may have to live with, it is not encouraged that woman who are biopolar proceed as egg donors.  First degree relatives increases the risk above that of the general population.

As part of the initial assessment undertaken by an egg donor agency, questions pertaining to genetic attributes are part of the egg donor application. Depression, psychosis, schitzophrenia and bipolar are all genetic aspects and should caution a red flag as genetic concerns.
Ethically, it may not be a fair process for a bipolar woman or related to a first degree relative suffering frm bipolar mood disorder  to proceed with egg donation too. It places undue risk on her as well.
So whilst an egg donation recipient is at the mercy of young healthy egg donors to help her/ him conceive, it is not morally acceptable to initiate a process whereby recipients of donor eggs are receiving known genetic disorders - diseases, abnormalities, etc.
baby2mom Egg Donation Agency facilitates online egg donations through an established egg donation website.  An extensive high level assessment is undertaken by the egg donor agent, followed by a thorough and personalised assessment with a qualified psychologist who specialises in egg donation screening. The final approval is via the medial assessment made up of hormonal blood tests and an internal scan.  Potential egg donors showing indications of genetic diseases such as bipolar will unfortunately be declined. This is in the best interests of egg donation recpients - offering them a fair chance and for egg donors - so as not to be placed under undue and unneccessary risks.

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