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Ten Reasons To Donate Your Eggs

Why Should Ladies Donate Their Eggs.

  1. It is a wonderful feel good thing to do.  Imagine being part of life at the very outset, contributing deliberately to creation, a miracle to a child that is so desperately needed and wanted. 
  2. Egg donation is one of the donations you do whilst still alive.  In fact, you have to be young, healthy and very much breathing.  Eggs are living organisms, so need to donated from a living person.
  3. The decison to donate your eggs is a very special and mature one and can only be made within a limited time of life.  So don't delay until you are past the cut off age.  It is a careful and special gift that is given by people who see no harm in helping others.
  4. Donating your eggs does not leave you less in any way.  If you donate a kidney, you have only one left.  If you donate eggs, you are left with the same amount that you would have had should you not have donated.  It is about retrieving some of the eggs that the body would normally discharge ordinarily.
  5. You will be treated professionally by specialists who concentrate on egg donations.
  6. A stranger will always think of you warmly and wish you well.  How special to be prayed for by another just because you gave up a little of yourself.
  7. Egg donation is a gift that keeps on giving long after you have forgotten that you participated.
  8. It is completely anonymousand confidential, so neither the child nor recipient will ever be able to make contact or know your details. Only a public non-identifying profile is made available.
  9. You get to spread your genetic make-up a little and share what a special being you are.
  10. You contribute to a healing and making broken hearts whole again.  You bring happiness.

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