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Contributing to Motherhood

I went through the hormone treatments, which were mildly annoying, but the upside is I can now inject myself without fear.  I didn’t have many side effects to the hormones.  The best part was that I had to go into the doctor's office to get an ultrasound and have blood drawn every few days or so once I began injecting the hormones and their offices are in the beautiful city of Cape Town.  That alone was a holiday if you ask me; scan appointments were usually in the mornings, so the rest of the day I was exploring the beautiful city.  The doctor and his staff were very nice and I didn't feel scared out at all.  The final step, they got enough eggs, which were 3 days earlier than the scheduled date, the aspiration or extraction took place while I was under conscious sedation, so it was like having my wisdom tooth out.  I had a driver drive me to the bnb and rested for the rest of the day with only some cramping.

I had an overall positive experience; baby2mom agency looked after me from day one until retrieval and beyond.  Jenny is a phenomenal woman who has a heart of a mother so she is not looking to exploit anyone.  She arranged my transport, food, allowance etc. The team at Avitas clinic where very helpful and friendly, they made me feel comfortable and at ease even though I was a drama queen at times.  The bnb was out of this world, a quiet place to relax and regroup away from the hustle and bustle of busy Joburg, they had free wifi, free coffee and books to read (my life in a nutshell hahaha).  I feel very happy and glad to have helped couple in need of this gift of life, in fact I feel like super woman for contributing to motherhood.

I have remained as an egg donor as I am very happy to be able to help again.


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