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My Experience Thusfar

Hi Jenny...this is my first write up regarding the experience so far...

I am glad to have signed up with baby2mom as a donor.  You will never come across an amazing person like Jenny ( and I mean like ever until you die).

Jenny has been wonderful in terms of explaining what the process entails and she keeps her word when she says she will be with you every step of the way (she literally holds your hand)

When I went in for my medical check felt like I had already done it before.  Everything the doctor explained to me was a repeat of what Jenny told me and she even gave me more information.  The process was easy and there were no surprises because I am aware of every step.  I am very excited about my next appointment.  I was not surprised when the Doctor told me that he loves working with Jenny because she prepares the donor very well and she does not hold back information.

Jenny you are a star and I will recommend baby2mom to my friends who wish to donate as well.

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