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Dear Butterfly Mommy

Dear Butterfly Mommy,

This was the name given to you by Jenny upon my request to her.  After my husband and I saw your pictures and finally decided that we would like you to be our donor, I simply couldn´t think of you and relate to you through a ‘reference number’! I needed a name, a special name…

I opened myself to Jenny about this and she gave you a name. And  I loved it!

But I would like to tell you what happened before:

After we made the final decision for you as our donor and even before we informed Jenny about it, one day I was thinking about you and a name just came to my mind: ‘braveheart’.  Maybe because I knew you are of Scottish descent and also because I love the movie, for all it stands for.

So you have became the Butterfly Mommy with a Brave Heart!

We would like to thank you for being such a blessing to us!  You are giving us the most amazing gift anyone could give!  No matter the outcome, the fact that you putting yourself through this will always be cherished.  We are immensely grateful to you, and we hope that you do not endure too much discomfort during the treatment.

Lots of blessings,

Your recipient


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