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Donate your eggs with a Mirena

News and great news for egg donors is that the mirena need not be removed for ladies to participate in egg donations.  This is a new medical update. 

Previously egg donors would have had to have the mirena medically removed and consider an alternative form of contraceptive, such as the copper T loop, patch or pill.  The three month injections still remain a difficult contraceptive with which to donate as we have to wait for regular cycles to resume.

To sum up, the pill is perfect for donating your eggs, by the mirena, copper T loop, patch or two month injections are all fine, as is condoms.

During the egg donation process, egg donors will be guided as to exactly what to do with regards to their contraceptives and it is vital for the success of the process that egg donors oblige per the instructions provided.

So ladies - with mirenas, remember to complete your egg donation application forms.
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