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Egg Donation Agency

An egg donor agency fulfils a vital role.  It focuses on the aspect of the egg donation side outside of the medical, the facilitation, the support, the interaction, the go between and the guidance.
For an egg donation recipient, continuous assistance, support and availability in terms of selecting the right egg donor, progress of the egg donor on the egg donation program and interactive communciations between egg donation recipient and egg donor.  This frees the fertility clinic to focus on its areas of focus and speciality, namely the medical side of the treatment.
Egg donors also need extensive support and want to know that they have a person available to offer this guidance and answer questions that sometimes need to be asked several times.
The presentation of egg donors information is important to maintain the confidentiality and anonymity of the egg donors as well as ensuring that recipients can view important details about the egg donors and have access to full information.

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