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Egg Donation Round Two

I was in the honoured position to be asked to donate a part of me for the second time.  This time around it came with the chance to take a bit of a break as well, since the receiving party is in Cape Town and I’m not.  This meant that I took leave, spending the time not at the clinic being a tourist. 

Of course the same general tests and procedures are done and followed, but it was a bit of ‘like experiencing something for the first time, again’ because it was a different clinic. 

I had to make two trips to Cape Town, the first for the initial evaluation, blood works and psychology prodding.  The second time was the week of the actual donation.   

Once in Cape Town for the second time, it was nice to see familiar faces and be reminded of how friendly everyone is. 

Starting with being picked up at the airport by Medical Tourism.  Who were also my ‘chauffeurs’ between the clinic and place where I stayed.  Thank you for being there and having lots of patience with everyone’s different schedules you have to manage. 

At the clinic was more smiles right through from reception to the doctors.  Efficiency was also a main point and things were done chop chop. 

Thanks to Jenny as well who checked in regularly and spoiled me with a massage and city tour to name only some.  I am grateful for all the positive contact doesn’t matter when or what time. 

And that is what makes the people who are part of this process so amazing.  One tends to only think of one’s own point of view and see and experience it from that point.  And one of the occurring topics I spoke to people about this time round was exposure.  That even though I am giving something of me, the receiving couple has taken the step to be okay with having a biological part of someone else become part of their family and opening themselves up to that. 

So, if I may, thank you from each person involved in every different part of this process, to each person involved in every different part of this process.  

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