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The concept of donating eggs or egg donation...

This is such a special and important aspect that it really warrants a through explanation.

It is so relevant to know that monthly woman release or loose several hundred eggs, but the body only produces sufficient hormones to ripen or mature one egg, therefore in an ordinary menstrual cycle, woman typically have one egg available for fertilisation.

In the egg donation process, donors are stimulated with sufficient hormones to aid the developing of multiple eggs (not excessive, up to around 20).

So crucial to understand is that whether you are donating eggs or not, these eggs are going to be discharged and lost from the ovarian reserve.  The principle of egg donors is therefore why not donate them to a worthy cause, rather than them simply being absorbed into the body.

Egg donation is a way of giving back, it is a gesture of love, of unconditional giving, helping and donating.  Any donating the chance to become parents is such phenomenal.  What gift could possibly be more precious.

On this note, egg donation does not impact on your fertility!

If you think you would like to donate your eggs that will be lost any way, please complete an online application form.

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