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Give donor eggs

What is egg donation more than a gesture from yourself?  In reality, it is an honour and a lifelong gift to be able to give donor eggs.  It means some one you will never meet will always cherish you and think of you with an abundance of love and adoration.  It means you give a tiny microscopic piece of yourself and you have the chance to become part of a miracle.

In South Africa, we have a protected and encouraging environment for woman to reach out and give donor eggs.  It is a real deed that makes a significant impact, that changes people's lives forever and contributes in the most fundamental way.

There are so many people inflicted with infertility and for them the only chance of conception is to consider egg donation.  This is very often a traumatic acceptance process.  It involves a period of grieving for  their own eggs, but then the beautiful part starts and this is where the embracing of the anonysmous egg donor comes in.  Asking her, thanking her, praying for her and loving her - whilst all the time not actually seeing her adult face and not ever hearing her wonderful voice and seeing her giving heart through her eyes.

So, if you are between 18 and 34, healthy and would like to be part of a miracle, please complete an application form. Blessings for thinking of this!

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  • Organs Donation Center

    2/2/2020 8:01:27 PM | Reply

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