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How many IVF's is Enough

This is always a personal and difficult question.

Sadly yesterday one of the most beautiful people I know received her 8th negative result.  She was not devastated as she has become accustomed to this news.  She has persisted over the last couple of years to conceive with donor eggs.  She has been loving and gentle towards her donors, accommodated timing, travel costs and followed all professional guidances and instructions.

So following this difficult day, this strong lady has picked herself up again and said let me find another donor to help me.

IVF is a challenge!  Anyone with a little experience can attribute to the fact that it builds character, empathy and a true understanding of the miracle of life and a child.  This is of course, besides the fact that it is expensive and emotional.

So, the number of IVF attempts is really what is right for each individual.  To what lengths a person will go to achieve their dream is influenced by how important this is to them and their courage in the face of adversity.

If you have the means and this is that important, there is the answer.  To have but a child, to feel what is so natural for many woman.  The gift of holding a child in your arms to call your own.

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