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This is is special month in which we appplaud women and their greatness.

Of course, I am biased, but as my years help me gain wisdom, we see the beauty and life changing roles of the female gender.

As girlfriends or wives, despite a modern world, woman still tend to take charge of keeping home, which is no small task.  This is in addition to the jobs completed during the day or evening as an employee. The woman's touch is visible in a home if it is inhabited by a woman.

Childbirth - of course men contribute to making babies, but women contribute the egg and of course need to carry the pregnancy and give birth, resulting in baby making a huge part of being a woman.

Moving on fertility, of course a very important topic.  The working woman assumes the lion's share as primary caregiver in most circumstances.  This job is of course around the clock and never ends.  Even as the children sleep, thoughts continue around their wellbeing, ways to improve, enhance and develope their lives.  

Infertile persons of course struggle severly watching on with envy and pain as other get to manage all these special roles.  It is a life changing journey to learn of infertlity, to accept it and then welcome donor eggs and/ or surrogacy if required.

Our angels, egg donors and surrogates already have such full lives, but extend themselves to give to another because they relate to what is important to fellow women because they want to help.  Our hearts and appreciation go out to these people.

When one thinks woman - one tends to think beauty, sexy, nurturing, loving and gentle.  So, women have to achieve all the above tasks, plus make the ongoing efforts to remain attractive and balanced enough to remember their humilty and femininity.

On Friday evening, I visited a dear friend, also woman, struggling with breast cancer.  Now this is another challenge of a different dimension also faced by woman.  On greeting to leave, she pointed out one of her neighbours in the ward also treating a female cancer.  I was so moved when she told me this kind woman had elected to be an egg donor too.

Being a woman makes for a very full and purposeful life.

baby2mom is so honoured and privilideged to work with angels who think of others and remind us daily how special women really are.

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