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I am an egg donor for baby2mom

I am an egg donor for baby2mom.

Just a little write-up on my second time donating, this time I didn't travel and it was with a different clinic, so there is no travelling news.

It was awesome, I had fun doing all the procedures,

I had a super awesome shuttle, Shepo is my driver, what a cool guy, we talk and laugh about random things and he made sure he got me to the clinic on time. 

The doctor and everyone at the Medfem Clinic were super amazing, patient and caring, was really great to be working with them.

Finally, it was the egg retrieval.  I gave 15 full grown egg cells, I almost fell on my back when I heard.  I was very happy with this update.

The best of it all is that I made another mom very happy and it fills me with joy knowing that I particpted in such a good deed.

Thanks to all and a very special thanks to Jenny.

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