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The inspiration dawned upon me when I was in hospital my friend had lost her baby and I wished I could help her.  Then the revelation - perhaps not her, perhaps not now but I could help someone else!

I happend on baby2mom as I was researching steps to take and were to start.  It felt right and i applied to become a donor to the program.  A few months passed and then I got the call.  It was my turn to help someone and I was out of my skin!!!

The baby2mom team was so friendly and supportive to any questions and all my hurdles.  Keep in mind I have a fear for needles!  The nurse was so kind and understanding and helped me to start overcome my fear.

After a few doctot's checkups, a few vissits to the nurse and a lot of contact with baby2mom it was almost time.  My final doctor visit and he tells me a bit about how sweet and kind the recipient is and how exited they are.  By now, I cant wait, in the back of my mind I imagine a happy family with their baby swaddled in their arms.

D-day came and it was time to go in for retrival.  Reminding the doctors and nurses of my fear of needles they took such good care of me.  A few minutes in the theater, including a few jokes and I was out like a candle.  Woke up talking to a nurse about how excited I am and couldn't believe it was over so fast.  I only had a bit of discomfort but the warmth of knowing I helped someone with such an amazing gift filled my heart.  It's true, it is better to give than to recieve, Acts 20:35.

Even have a few friends who has applied now to become donors.  And totaly cant wait for my next chance to help another family!💜

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