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I wish the recipient all the best

Getting a call from baby2mom was so shocking.  I had even forgotten that I was registered as a donor.  I was shocked and excited at the same time.

This is something that I always wanted to do.  Alot of my friends were completely against it and mostly out of fear that something bad would happen.  They thought it was so uncommon and I kept getting the question "how do you know about such things?".  To others it was like I was doing something special for the recipient and somehow I felt honoured and grateful to them for choosing me to offer them something.  I found the process really fast because I thought it would be really long.  Everything was just happening so fast and each day I got more and more excited.  Two weeks of injkections which I breezed through as I was not afraid of the needles at all.  The day of the procedure was even faster and easier.  I would say that I am now really comfortable.

I have just been praying that the recipient falls pregnant.  Would I do this again?  WIthout question!  I was also just thinking that it would be wonderful if people knew more about egg donation. 

I received many questions and others did not really understand.  It has been an awesome process.  I want to thank you jenny and the Doctor who made me feel so comfortable.  I wish the recipient all the best.  

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