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I Loved Cape Town Today

To Simone,
Thank you very much for the transportation today. 

The flights were bumpy but I made it (still alive) and the shuttle's were always on time and very kind.  I do appreciate your effort in getting me from A to B.

Thank you for the opportunity to even be able to be apart of the amazing experience.  I met people today the psychologist was a kind lady and we had fun with our conversation she made me feel welcome and most importantly she made me feel great about myself and I absolutely LOVE Dr Matebese.  She was very kind to me and she took care of me today especially the fact that it was my first time at the Gynecologist.  She was very understanding and she made me feel comfortable. 

I loved today in Cape Town. While I waited for my appointments I went walking a bit, so once again thank you very much. I appreciate all the effort.

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