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Im Pregnant!

These are words woman struggling with infertility dream of being able to say.  It is a fantasy and becomes the greatest wish to say something as natural as 'Im pregnant'. 

Proceeding with donor eggs does not guarantee that recipients will conceive, but it gives a chance where the quality of their eggs is poor.  The situation is moved from no hope to a good chance. 

To say the waiting time for the pregnancy test is fraught with emotion is an understatement.  It is such an anxious time and recipients can very often do nothing but think about the result and wish and will it to be positive.

There is usually a waiting time of between 8 and 12 days from the embryo transfer to the day of pregnancy testing via a blood test.  As levels of HCG (human choroniac gonadotropan or baby hormone) that is secreted when an embryo implants are very low in early pregnancy, blood tests are more accurate for early detection of pregnany than a home or urine test. 

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