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Impact of Donating My Eggs

Sitting in my car this morning at 4:30,  before I started up the engen I thought long and hard about where I am going and what impact its going to have on someone elses life...

Then I closed my eyes and prayed... I prayed that everything will go well, that the Receipt will have a chance of a loving family and that God will take the situation into His own hands so that the outcome is successfull if it is in His plans for them. 

All the way to the Clinic I was smiling, I was happy and excited to start with my injections and medication that could possibly change someone elses life forever.  I

want to thank everyone at baby2mom for also giving me the opportunity to be able to help others. I could not have asked for better support from their side with all the instructions and how easy it turned out to be.  They are so professional and available if you need to ask about anything.  I am feeling great and had no side effects after my first day.

Let's hope for the very best !!

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