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In awe of South African Professional Egg Donation

I am proud, in a very humbled way, when I read about egg donation worldwide and South Africa is always presented as a popular and sought after destination for this very subject.

This is heartwarming knowing that the world appreciates and values the very professional and ethical services that South Africa maintains with respect to egg donation.

What makes our land so sought after for this professional miracle service?
  • Well it could be the professional and ultruistic recruitment and motivation of our egg donors, the complete protection that the anonmymity and confidentiality brings to both recipients and egg donors.
  • Perhaps, the growing experience and established nature of quality processses and services. 
  • Possibly the guidance of a professional body, (SASREG) overseeing reputable egg donations in South Africa
  • Or the quality fertility clinics who specialise in egg donations along with their established relationships with quality egg donation agents
  • Maybe the combination of these.

Trust baby2mom, South African egg donations since 2007 to recipients worldwide, experienced in over 1,000 egg donation cycles, first egg donation agency to bring our donors and recipients an egg donation app, now available on the App Store and Google Plus, with solid relationships with professional fertility clinics throughout South Africa.

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