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It was a Privilege

Dear recipient,

Thank u for your card it was very personal and very much appreciated, in your card you wondered about why I would do this (egg donations).

When I was 18 I was told by four different specialists that I would never have children, that my womb was not "healthy" they scheduled a hysterectomy and wanted to remove everything as soon as possible, I went into a deep depression as I always wanted to be a mother, my family and I turned to God in that time.  When I went for the pre op assessment not only was I pregnant they could not find any trace of anything having ever been wrong with me.  I was told that because of my medical history I should abort the baby for my own safety as in their opinion I would not survive and if I did the baby would not. Having had everything else they said be false I chose to take it to God again and decided to have my child, today she is three years old, beautiful and healthy, I had carried to term and had given natural birth, she has never had anything majorly wrong with her.

That feeling of knowing I would never be able to complete my own family is why I do this.  Today I am a happy mother, with an extremely healthy womb that no doctor can explain and I donate in order to help those who are just trying to complete their families.  I hope that your procedure is a success and you receive all the happiness you deserve.

It was a privilege to have been chosen by you to help you on your journey.

I would like to give a special thanks to Sister Aylmarz Kendricks from Medfem for taking such amazing care of me during the donation and making my comfort a priority.

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