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Logan's why I became an egg donor

Dearest Jenny,
I fell pregnant almost 4 years ago, no it was not planned and no I was not sure what I was going to do with a baby.
But as this little GIFT FROM GOD grew inside of me, I vowed to love and cherish him.

When Logan was born I never knew I was capable of such intense and  unconditional love for another human being, a little human being that I created.
He is 3 years old now and I would not trade or give him up for ANYTHING in this world.
If I could do things differently I would still have had him.
Logan is my be all and end all and the centre of my entire life.
He fills my days with joy, happiness, laughter and love.
Taking the above into consideration - every woman should be able to experience what I am with conceiving, bearing, giving birth and the raising of a child.
If my contribution to a desperate recipient can result in her falling pregnant, I am truly honoured.
It breaks my heart to see people who treat children so extremely cruel and I wonder why God chose to give them a child but not a woman who so desperately wants to conceive and has all the love in the world to shower on a child.
Every time I am chosen to be a donor, I feel hugely honoured. It is a privilege for me to assist in creating a miracle of life, because that is truly what my child means to me.

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