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My Donor Experience

Dear Jenny,

I had witnessed first hand the heart sore and agony of a close family member who was unable to fall pregnant.  A woman who had always been my role model, the gentlest soul and kindest person I know, who would have made an amazing mom.  This sparked me to find out more about how I could help others going through the same. 

I had been researching egg donation on and off for about a year, I kept coming back to baby2mom. From the site I could just feel the love and passion behind baby2mom, and the reviews from donors and recipients were so motivating.

I have had the opportunity to help with a number of donations now and have always had such a positive experience.  I would like to say a big thank you to Jenny and all the nurses and doctors who have taken such care in the donation process.  Always making me feel comfortable and well looked after.  To those who are looking at being a donor or a recipient, be assured that you can put your trust in baby2mom.  I am honoured to have been a part of baby2mom and to give such a special gift to those in need.

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