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My Egg Donation Process

As I started my first egg donation process I immediately experienced feelings of hope, joy and excitement, especially towards my recipients.

The clinic, Fembryo, is absolutely amazing!  The doctors and staff are all very friendly and make sure that you feel comfortable at all stages of the egg donation process.

As I entered the clinic for my first scan and psych appointment, I was greeted by the most friendly and energetic lady, she made me feel so welcomed.  The doctors are all very professional and made me feel very comfortable with each and every step of the donation process.

The doctors explained each and every step in detail for example the self injection process, the process of the scans and finally the retrieval. The doctors told me how I would feel during the donation process with regards to injecting the hormones and always made sure that I was okay with it.

After all the scans and injections had been done, the doctors were extremely happy with the progress that I had made over the two weeks. The were extremely happy with the amount of follicles they could observe.

On the day of the retrieval I was so overwhelmed that I was able to be apart of such an amazing and special miracle.  To be able to donate your eggs and be apart of something so beautiful left me with feelings of happiness and excitement. To know that I would be the one who would directly contribute to this special miracle left me with such a warm feeling in my heart.

Once the retrieval was done, the doctors constantly made sure that I was okay and not in any kind of pain. The doctor came to see me after the retrieval and told me that they were able to retrieve 26 follicles!  My heart was so happy for my recipients at that point.

To be able to donate my eggs was ultimately a gift, a gift that would change someone's life in the most beautiful way possible. I would encourage each and every lady out there to consider the egg donation process and to be apart of such a special act of kindness.

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