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My Experience as A Donor with baby2mom

Dear Jenny

Working with you has been lovely from day 1.  I really love what you do for others, so selfless and caring.

Jenny and I had been talking about egg donation and the process was a bit delayed.  I was so excited when she emailed me to see a psychologist :)

I've always known that I'd like to donate my eggs again, after doing it once before. But the first day I walked into Dr Coetzee's rooms, I knew that I had made the right decision.  As I waited to see him, I looked around and saw all these beautiful women with their purple bags with meds, some looking very nervous.  I thought to myself: all these women are here because of infertility issues and they really need us as egg donors, they need me!  I immediately put a smile on my face because I knew that me being there will put a smile on someone elses face.

Dr Coetsee was very pleasant and explained everything well, he even drew pictures for me!  The sisters Kelly and Ilse were very accommodating, they explained how to use the meds and ensured that my scans were as early as possible.

All my scans went well after that with Jenny keeping in contact frequently.  She surprised me by sending a Bonsai tree to grow symbolising the life that will grow from my eggs - I was touched.

I am almost at the end of this cycle - my retrieval will be on Sunday 11h00. I'm very excited for my recipient and hope she is too.
Working with baby2mom is a wonderful and fulfilling experience, she is a cut above the rest!  I really wouldn't mind doing this for the rest of my life and I hope to stay 26 for 10 more years.  My thoughts and prayers are with my recipient and holding thumbs for her.


This is the growth of the seed, from me to her...

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