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My Journey As An Egg Donor

I came into this opportunity of become an egg donor when I heard that my brother and his wife could not have children of their own.  I then did some research into different ways that people could conceive.  Obviously due to fertility treatments being so expensive my brother and his wife were not able to do this.  They have however adopted an adorable boy who just melts your heart.

Then I came across baby2mom and completed the forms and completely forgot about it.  I was in a relationship for about a year and once that ended I got a call from Jenny, this is when I decided that it’s the perfect time to take part in such an amazing journey.

January, I got the call and was ready for the next steps.  Jenny explained everything in detail to me and so the journey started...

I made my appointment with the wonderful Dr’s at Cape Fertility Clinic met Dr Le Roux and at that point I knew I was in good hands.  The nurses were amazing too, wow what a great bunch of people.  The whole process was filled with so much positivity and love which I have never experienced.  I’d like to thank each one of them personally for taking such great care of me.

Now for what I am sure all donors want to know, how were the Injections and also the donating day.

The injections lasts for about two weeks which feels like forever.  I was overwhelmed with each scan appointment and getting more injections, but before you know it, everything is over.  I personally did not experience any pain, I only felt very heavy around my pelvis area like you have a very full bladder.  This might be different for someone else, but if you have a good pain tolerance then this is really easy.

The day of the donation I was VERY nervous, I have NEVER been under any sort of aesthetic or have had surgery ever, so this was new and very nerve wrecking.  I was comforted by the lovely nurses and even the Dr came to me and said I have nothing to be nervous about.  I went into the area where they extract the eggs and only friendly faces welcomed me.  I got on to the table had everything hooked up and the anaesthesiologist looked at me with a smile and said, sweet dreams.  I closed my eyes and that was it!  I woke up with an assurance that everything went well and that I should just continue sleeping for a bit.  I then later woke from my nap and was asked if I would like some tea or coffee and then had that brought to me with something to eat!  How lovely is that!  I went in at 9am and got to leave by 11am.  Once again I did not experience any pain at this point, they did give me some pain killers but the only pain that I got a bit later was period like cramps.  Within two days that was gone and I was able to exercise like I would usually.

I am really glad I was able to be part of this experience and I am really considering doing this again to assist another couple with starting a family.


Thank you Jenny, Dr Le Roux, Elaine and all the lovely nurses at the clinic, you really made this whole process so easy and comforting!

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